Online First Aid Revalidation

  • Cost: $140.00
  • Duration: 4 hours

Our Revalidation blended first aid course allows you to refresh your first aid skills and knowledge in less time away from the workplace. This course has a pre-learning online component, as well as reduced time in the classroom. First Aid certificates must be revalidated every two years to ensure your certificate remains valid. Please bring to the course your current first aid certificate so this can be validated before you attend the revalidation course. 

This revalidation course is for those who have previously completed a Comprehensive or Essential First Aid course (or equivalent), and whose first aid certificate is due for renewal. This first aid course allows you to reduce the hours away from the workplace, ensuring your first aid skills and knowledge are up to date and relevant. Please note, you must bring proof of your first aid certificate upon attending a revalidation course, regardless of your previous provider.