Pre Hospital Emergency Care (2020)

  • Cost: $499.00
  • Duration: 24 hours (3 days)

Designed for people who are frequently called on to provide first aid services to members of the public, as well as those, who live or work in remote locations, or work in risky occupations. Pre-requisite: valid comprehensive first aid certificate.

This course covers • Assess and manage the scene of an emergency situation • Perform a primary survey to identify any life threats • Perform a secondary survey • Demonstrate and apply knowledge of safe casualty moving and lifting techniques without injury to self, casualty or others – stretchers and rescue equipment • Demonstrate and apply knowledge of devices and/or techniques to manage casualties in an emergency situation – airway manouvres and airway adjuncts including pocket mask ora pharangeal airways and oxygen • Monitor casualties and provide information in an emergency situation • Recognise signs of stress in self and apply appropriate strategies to mitigate effects • Demonstrate and apply knowledge of legal requirements relating to casualty information and documenting events